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Lily Pi Developed Resources

Engineering Design Process

Simplified image of the Engineering Design Process developed for the youngest learners (age 4) as part of a Toy Design and Engineering Workshop (recommended age 5+).

Lily Pi Resources

Resources for Students/Educators

I encourage all young inventors to check out the amazing resources from People of Play (formerly Chicago Toy and Game - Chitag). Young inventors (age 6-18  years) can enter their invention in the Young Inventor Challenge (YIC) for a chance to get licensed by an established toy or game company and see your product on the shelves at the store!

YIC is a Accredited Educational Experience

Be sure to reference the Young Inventor Challenge Design Guide! 

It is a great resource for developing a new toy or game, at any stage in the process, and it offers useful tips for entering the YIC.

IDEO, one of the leaders in Design Thinking (AKA Human Centered Design) offers free toolkits and workbooks to help introduce these principles to students, as well as use them to help redesign educational experiences:

"Design thinking is a mindset. It is the confidence that everyone can be part of creating a more desirable future, and a process to take action when faced with a difficult challenge. That kind of optimism is well needed in education."

Project Invent offers training and free resources for educators to help introduce invention to the classroom to support their goal of creating a "generation of fearless, compassionate problem solvers." The resources are rooted in Design Thinking, engineering, and entrepreneurship and aim to teach students with real-world examples that can make a positive impact. 

The San Diego STEM Ecosystem is your one stop shop to find all STEM resources in the San Diego area! If you are outside the San Diego area, check here for a STEM Learning Ecosystem near you!

The National Girls Collaborative Project (NGCP) "believes STEM skills can be acquired by anyone, and fostered in everyone. Our initiatives build confidence and create a community of “lifelong STEM activators.” Through the power of collaboration, we spark curiosity and develop a passion for STEM. We also strengthen the capacity of programs by producing and sharing exemplary practices, research, and program models."


Toy Invention Resources

This guide also belongs in the Toy Invention section! Specifically designed for Young Inventors (age 6-18) intending to enter the Young Inventors Challenge, but it is a great product development resource with Design Thinking and Entrepreneurship principles and specifically geared towards toys and games.

Making It in the Toy Industry Podcast

The Toy Association has a very helpful design guide for aspiring toy inventors of all ages.

Check out Azhelle Wade aka the Toy Coach for helpful nuggets of toy inventing wisdom! Her podcast is entertaining and informative, as are her social media posts!

Toy Invention
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